Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dad's Army bring Hollywood to Yorkshire...

So this week we all got to use the best excuse ever for being the filming of the Dad's Army movie has taken over our local town. The old town in Bridlington is a beautiful old street where the shops and houses have all retained their original character and so it has made the perfect choice for recreating Walmington on Sea!

 Catherine Zeta Jones, Bill Nighy, Jaime Winstone, Bill Patterson, Sarah Lancashire - the list of actors spotted around town goes on and on - every local Ive spoken to has a story to tell of who they've bumped into or whose been staying at their hotel -there's a great buzz and its lovely to see Bridlington getting attention for all the right reasons.

On Saturday they filmed a big parade and crowds turned out to watch - my mum was on hospital duty and had to pick up from the pharmacy in the middle of the street so whe was ushered beyond the tape and suddenly realised the parade was marching towards her - she was quickly directed inside before panic totally set in!

A Facebook campaign called Bridlington Dads Army has been started to keep some of the storefronts the same after filming is finished - I hope they do as it would make a great tourist attraction. Page Dads Army is such a classic - even my seven year old  has been known to shout 'Don't tell them your name Pike! I think they ll be there for a bit longer so its definitely worth a visit for fans of the show  - You never know Jonesy the butcher might even be there to greet you!



  1. I had no idea that a Dad's Army film was being planned.... Great!! Will definitely watch out for this in the cinemas. I've always had the impression that the original series was filmed round Norfolk, but Bridlington looks perfect. Jx

    1. Hi J - it was on the south coast somewhere but I heard they weren't very helpful when the film company approached them- it's great for Yorkshire - they've also been filming at flamborough and Beverley but mostly in bridlington x

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. I do hope they keep some of the looks wonderful and great for tourism. I hope the film is a hit. Like Jan I wasn't aware it was being made.
    thanks for your comment.
    Jacquie x

  3. Dads army is one of my dad's all time favourite programmes. I hope the new film doesn't take anything away from the original series, they often have remakes but they rarely have the same qualities of the original as it's often the actors which made the show. It's great that Brid's been chosen for filming, Yorkshire has so much to offer so I hope it brings some fans of the show in.

  4. It worked for Goathland didn't it and Holmfirth?

  5. I'm seeing it as a great opportunity to educate (or indoctrinate) our children into a much treasured (at least by me) piece of our cultural heritage!
    BTW great post Mrs H!

  6. What amazing sets they are. I hope they stay for longer so you and others can continue to enjoy them.


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