This Yorkshire Grub...

I love food. Thats my support group confession out there - I love well made, beautifully presented and sensational tasting grub and since moving back to the Shire I've come to realise what a smorgasbord of lush produce is on offer to us locally. Dont get me wrong, I love regional food from all over the country but here I'm looking forward to celebrating the best of the Yorkshire harvest from cupcakes to Fat Rascals, Whitby Kippers to the glories of the Yorkshire Pudding - of which my mum makes the best in the world (of course I have to say that don't I ?!?)

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  1. The quality and diversity of food in Yorkshire is certainly one of our most special traits.

    Earlier this year we created a graphic that highlights some of the wonderful things Yorkshire is renowned for, hope you like it;


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